Empowering people to own and operate, high quality, profitable, and reliable childcare centers.

We create a community of childcare providers that seek to increase the amount of quality early education opportunities for children and families.

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When it comes to education, one size has never fit all. Continuous education is critical when it comes to childcare, not just because it is required, but because we aren't just dealing with someone's kiddos, we are dealing with their everything. So make sure you get the education that fits you best, and I promise even training on Staff Onboarding is fun with ChildMYnder. 


Welcome to your very own community that is all about unlocking the power of collective growth. Your community of Childcare Providers ready to navigate the changes in the industry.



Our complimentary resources are designed exclusively for industry professionals, providing valuable opportunities for networking and receiving hands-on, real-world training tailored to your specific needs.

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 About Me 


Hi! I am Sara and I am so excited to meet you. I'm a wife, mother, owner of several child care programs, and founder of ChildMYnder. My children and husband have taught me about life and the kind of woman I want to be. I learned about business and leadership first hand while building my childcare empire from the ground up and mentoring and training hundreds of women as they've worked to achieve their goals.

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What can you expect from MasterMYnd?

MasterMYnd has levels perfect for every person. But what can you expect to get from all levels?

Childcare Leadership Collective


Our most popular plan

  • One Monthly 1:1 Call (doesn’t roll over)
  • One Mastermind Calls Per Month
  • Workbooks/Checklist/Resources
  • Group Program (Mastermind)
  • Focus Week Access
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Focus Week


Annual Calendar Creation July 22nd-July 26th

  • 4 Training Days
  • 1 Live Q&A Session
  • Related Resources
  • Expert Guidance from Speaker
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Showing the Love

Diane Branco

"I was lucky enough to meet Sara back in 2018 at an Early Childhood Conference. Over the years and through many challenges, her leadership was exemplary, and she was always eager to lend a helping hand when needed. She listens to new ideas and has an uncanny ability to always ask the right question to help stay focused, and find solutions. She is incredibly organized and possesses a genuine passion for the work she does. Sara is certainly an inspiration and a true professional, that one is lucky to have by their side."

Maria Fitz-Gibbon

"Sara Schreiner is one of the most forward-thinking and innovative leaders in the early childhood industry that I’ve ever met.  Her knowledge of quality and industry standards is impeccable.  Her knowledge on business practice, policy, and even mindset will help anybody who is working in this space.  If you want a path forward to quality, I highly recommend reaching out to her."

Jacki Ulishney

"Sara has been a great mentor and support person to me as a working mother with a very demanding job. I appreciate her incredibly transparent approach in leadership and communication with parents and guardians. She and her team hold themselves very accountable and as a moth that is of utmost importance."

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