ChildMYnder's Masterclasses

Grab your coffee and lock in! Below are all our previous Masterclasses for you to learn and grow as a childcare provider!


Hiring Strategies for Childcare Centers

Hiring isn't just about crafting  amazing job postings. It's about selling yourself and your center to applicants. Although that might feel backwards than what you are used to. Dive into more about how to improve staffing and retention of your employees!


Getting Leads in the Door

Experts Sara Schreiner, Rashad Pitts, and Jared Hall dive into lead generation. Discussing the ways you as an owner or director can be sure you are getting your ideal clients knocking at the door. And a few of those ideal hires too!


Leadership Excellence

Experts Sara Schreiner, Beth Cannon, and Vernon Mason dive into the topics that encompass leadership. From motivating a newer generation, to new tricks they are implementing to keep directors driven, this is a must watch.


Staying Ahead of Burnout

Listen to our panel of childcare experts discuss all things burnout (and more). From spotting it, to handling it, to even being okay not being 'perfect'. A "you don't want to miss it" type of Masterclass.


The Hiring Edge: Transformative Topics for Childcare Staffing

Discover key strategies to evaluate interviewers' authenticity, revamp job position presentations, navigate compensation conversations, create engaging training experiences, and ensure a seamless onboarding process.


How to Utilize AI Within Your Childcare Business

Training equips childcare business owners and operators with a solid understanding of Artificial Intelligence (AI), how it can be integrated into childcare settings, and how to use it to enhance business operations and improve child learning experiences.


Why Your Program Needs Gossip to Thrive

You read that right. Gossip can play a positive role in your program if done correctly. Not only will you find a strengthening bond between coworkers, but you slowly start to see this tool bleed into your every day life.


Onboarding Uncensored: Redefining Employee Orientation

Your dynamic training session designed exclusively for childcare professionals. In the world of childcare, where the well-being and development of young minds are at stake, the onboarding of new staff is paramount. This session takes a revolutionary approach to employee orientation, focusing on redefining the way childcare centers introduce and integrate new team members.